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Pretend Festival of Film Arts

Review by Verified Filmmaker, attended 2014

Atmosphere: 6/10 - There were two theaters at the festival. One was really incredible - an Egyptian-style theater built at the height of the Silent era. It had been semi-abandoned for years but splendidly restored in the mid-90s. This theater was usually mostly full of local patrons, and it was a treat to see our film projected onto its majestic screen. The other theater, if it can be described that way, was merely rows of metal chairs in a warehouse and a pop-up screen on one end. It felt slightly insulting to the proud filmmakers whose work was displayed there. The audio sounded horrible, too, bouncing all over the warehouse walls and making it hard to understand the film.
The festival included one party for the filmmakers and other VIPs. It included a small swag bag and an open bar from the various festival sponsors, and was generally a good time. My team and I appreciated that.

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